ХаРС-17. Made in USA

Kharkov Retro Slet – 2017. Made in USA will take place on the 26th – 27th – 28th of May 2017 on the largest square of Kharkiv – Freedom Square.

This is a city holiday and the level of its preparation is appropriate.

Since the end of November the permanent headquarters has begun its work on preparation of the Fest. It is located on the 5, Chigirina St (former Dvoryanskaya St).

The Fest is about American vehicles and way of thinking. We are negotiating with owners and collecting interesting cars throughout Ukraine.

We are also looking at the Baltic States, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Germany.

But this does not mean that other brands and models will have no place. There is so much space and our horizons are so broad that for everything that goes under the class of «retro» we will find a worthy place and company!

The big beautiful stage is waiting for performers of jazz, blues, soul, gospel and American rock.

This time there will be a real «food court» focused on the American cuisine.

And many many more ideas and plans.

We are ready to listen to any ideas and any suggestions.

Dada Fara 067 570 47 56
Dina RETROGRAD 093 326 58 54

also we know:

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  • English
  • Русский


We are working round the clock on the concept of ХаРС-2018