To get acquainted with the registered participants and their retro technique, we have created a special website section where you can get a brief overview about the exhibits and find a personal section in which the information about the exponents is collected from both the owners and the free sources.

There are links to the technology and owner profiles in social networks, the history of the brand or model, its fate in the global technical progress or films in which it played a prominent role.

We childishly hope that the efforts of our team will not be lost, and this form of on-line presentation of the exhibits and participants will make their family members and friends to visit our on-line tickets page and surely our event!

We recommend young dads and moms to think not only about walking with children around the event area, but also make a gift for parents and to invite them there and walk with them through retro exhibition listening your family stories.

Well, those who have something to remember and to tell, call your children to us, no matter how busy and grown up they are.

In your family, there is always something to remember within the background of the retro life.

also we know:

  • Українська
  • English
  • Русский


We are working round the clock on the concept of ХаРС-2018