Preparation for the next «Kharkov Retro Slet – 2016. Beware of the car» began in the closing day of the «ХаРС-2015». Inspired by the reviews and the popularity among the townspeople, during winter evenings, we started to draw plans for the future and budgets.

Since 2016, each Fest gets its name. The Fest of 2016 is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the cult film for USSR auto people – Beware of the Car, – and to the queen, the main character of the film – Volga GAZ-21.

We have invited respected in the community of Volga-lovers Vladimir Tushenkov, who gathered a comprehensive collection of Volgas of different years of release and conditions, from the Original to the Hot-rod.

By 2016, our team became co-organizers of the General for today Retro Authority of Ukraine – the FAU Commission of Historical Vehicles. This is the recognition and this is a big responsibility. Taking into account the interests of the whole Ukraine, a calendar has been made, in which events are as much as possible separated over time and allow visitors and participants to have time to go wherever they wish.

Kharkiv gave “our” date to the Allies from Lviv, in order to give them a chance to come to Kharkiv and get back to their Leopolis Grand Prix. Our “new” date – the last weekend of May, 21 (Saturday) – 22 (Sunday), 2016.

Traditional venue — START stadium — the most peaceful and quiet place in the city. Everyone had to work hard. In 2016, the number of participants reached 200 units of machinery, many new locations were invented, which made visits for two days interesting for the maximum number of guests.

We offer to check out the photos in the album «Zarisovki» with characteristic features of the Fest, and not less interesting album «Technika» with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other things.
Full details of the «Kharkiv Auto & Moto Retro Fest – 2016. Beware of the car» are on the web-site of our project RETROGRAD.ORG.


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