Kharkov Retro Slet – 2015 was the beginning of new cycle in the lives of organizers, who are well-known around Ukraine as Union Car Clubs™

The event was planned for 2014 in a format of Festival “Once in childhood», but for objective reasons it did not happen.

Three founders of the project – Dyadya Fara, Den and Dmitry Auto – were dreaming about the Fest in the late 2014. During deaf December’s evenings the conception of event, the name, the dates and the format were approved.
The tedious work started on the selection of the team, detailing the budget, distribution of tasks, search for the venue, which eventually was the stadium «START», preparation of participants and docking the terms with the Allies around Ukraine.

We took into account the experience of our friends and allies, to whom we are immensely grateful for the logistical support and participation: Сoffeebus (Kiev), OldCarServise (Kiev), museums Time Machine (Dnep) and PHAETON (Zaporozhye), clubs Alexandrovskiy (Zaporozhye) and ZAZ Kozak (Lviv), I.Laschenko & Co.

We were inspired by support of Kharkiv citizens: D.Svarchevsky, A.Nizhegorodov, D.Grigoriev, V.Honcharenko, B&K.Bondarenko, N.Zimenkov, R.Kolesnikov, S. Stolyarov, O.Nikonenko, club AVEK and another several hundreds of decent and reputable people.

What we got in the end:

More than 150 automobiles, around 50 motorcycles, bicycles, toys, photo cameras, radio receivers and suitcases.

We do not risk to specify the exact amount, someone was coming, someone was leaving, someone found out about the exhibition at the end of the second day and was in a hurry to meet with like-minded people.

We also do not know for certain how many thousands of Kharkov citizens visited «ХаРС» during the two days.

Despite some difficulties with finding the stadium «START», some of us did not know anything about its existence before 2015, all those wishing visited «ХаРС».

Photos of the machines and equipments can be seen in the photo album from Vladimir Brodin and in no les interesting characters album from Alexandra Mazur.

Full details on the Kharkiv Auto & Moto Retro Fest – 2015 are on the web-site of our project RETROGRAD.ORG.


Movie about “how it was”

also we know:

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We are working round the clock on the concept of ХаРС-2018