Rally Old Maps

We have wide experience in conducting different amateur and semi-professional automobile events.

From automobile slalom «Clash of the Titans», in which traffic police crews and motorists fought for the title of the best pilots on the central square of Kharkiv, to automobile races Kharkiv — Odessa «In the wake of Wildebeest».

The most difficult and favorite format — car rally.

For many years, in cooperation with the Automobile Club of Kharkiv (A. Besedin) and under the patronage of the FAU (Automobile Federation of Ukraine), if which we are members of the Commission of historical vehicles, we do navigator, also known as «calculator» rallies.

For a long time we mastered our managerial skills on standard vehicles in various weather conditions, including the fierce cold of year 2011, when the brand «Provincial tour Old Map» appeared.

As we were getting older and were moving into the category of «Retro», we realized that the navigator rally format is the most interesting one for the owners and the fans of classic cars. Rally Monte Carlo Historic, 1000 Miles, Beijing – Paris — this is not a complete list of global brands, the quality of which we seek and from which we take the most valuable things.

The first event with the participants on the vintage cars only Magellan Antica Rally took place in 2013.

Then, in 2015, there was the Tour «Old Map», which started in Gorky Park.

Our rally season of 2016 was opened by a beautiful 100-kilometer race through the picturesque surroundings of Slobozhanshchina, with exotic many kilometers ascent to the hill in “Kharkiv Switzerland” under the Tour “Old Map» — 2016, according to the legend, prepared by experienced Dmitry Grigoryev (SAMOHOD).
And in the same 2016 we closed the season of Rallies on stock cars «Old Map – REVENGE».

Rallies constantly raise the difficulty level and the comfort for participants, combining the qualitatively prescribed track, the carefully crafted «road book» with excursions and halts on the way, sightseeing and beautiful prizes and cups.
The experience and quality of rally events attract crews from Kiev, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Smela, Sumy, Poltava.

We can be proud that today Kharkiv is the only city, in which the retro rallies are held on a regular basis, there is a team of judges and marshals, permanent partners, a set of telemetry and the other necessary equipment.


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