Exhibition “Technique of the Old Kharkov”

A week before Kharkov Retro Slet – 2017. Made in USA on May 20, 2017 in our city already a traditional event “Night of Museums” will take place. Free buses will run around the city, and people are transported from one to another free museum exposition.

Our partner, the Corporation “Consulting Group “Rubanenko and Partners”, has been participating in this interesting event for already several years.

This time it was decided to present for Kharkov citizens, guests and participants of our meeting, not only the technical pleasure of communicating with the exposition in the round public garden in front of GOSPROM at the Freedom Square on May 27-28, but also communicating with humanitarian values of Kharkov.

The subject of the exhibition in the cultural center on Julia Chigirina Str. 5 is devoted to the retro technique in our beloved city.


Vyatkin A.V., Kharkiv
Art Institute. 1963

Art objects are provided by the Kharkov Art Museum, private collectors, the museum of the Budyansky faience factory.
You will be able to see the city through the eyes of its inhabitants of the last century: unknown and familiar streets, trams that are no longer exist, bridges that have disappeared, cars that have become legends and Kharkov citizens from past who created our Kharkov.

The Official Program of the international action “Night of Museums” from the creative club “Gostinnaya na Dvoryanskoy” and the cultural and business center “Rubanenko and Partners”

Art exhibition “Transport of the Old Kharkov” presents paintings, graphics, ceramics depicting the retro vehicles from the funds of the Kharkov Art Museum, the Historical and Local History Museum of the Buda settlement and from private collections.
The exhibition is timed to Kharkov Retro Slet – 2017, which will be held in our city on May 27-28.

Traditional events:

16.00 – Solemn opening of the art exhibition “Transport of the Old Kharkov” in the cultural and business center “Rubanenko and Partners”.

17.00 – Musical greeting from Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M.Lysenko.

18.00 – Meeting of visitors to the exhibition with co-founders of the creative club “Gostinnaya na Dvoryanskoy” and raffle prizes, souvenirs among the participants of the meeting.

19.00 – The Peking to Paris motor race histrory from 1907 until today, which triumphantly passed through Kharkov in 2013 with demonstration of a documentary.

20.00 – Quiz on the topic: “Transport of the old Kharkov” with awarding prizes to the winners.

21.00 – Traditional tea from the corporation “Consulting Group “Rubanenko and Partners”.

22.00 – Excursion to the ancient noble residence of the XIX century.

Let’s see at Gostinnaya na Dvoryanskoy (on Julia Chigirina Str. 5)!


Klombitskaya G.I., Vase

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