Store network VELOPLANETA together with the organizers of ХаРС-2017. Made in USA will make a revolutionary event during our retro exhibitions!

Being one of the largest companies on the Ukrainian bicycle market, VELOPLANETA invites all owners of retro bicycles to participate in the ХаРС-2017 and provides ideal conditions for the exposition and storage of the bicycles in a period from Saturday, May 27, 9.00 till Sunday, May 28, 18.00 on Svobody Square.

If you are the owner of a famous American Schwinn, or, perhaps, there is a legendary bike of your father or even grandfather made by Kharkiv Bicycle Plant (XB3) that is still in your garage, you have a unique opportunity to show it to real connoisseurs of history!


To participate in the retro rally, you will need to pass simple registration of your retro bike and make sure that your technique is included into the exhibition catalog.

In the period from 9.00 until 12.00, May 26, you will be requested to deliver the bicycle to the exhibition site, where it will be taken for safekeeping according to the act of transfer and reception with photo fixation.

Those who want to sale the equipment will be able to place the “SALE” sign containing contact information.

Each registered participant will be allocated a separate place with a description of the model and the history of his bicycle.

After the exhibition, on May 28 from 18.00 the bicycle will be returned back to its owner.

Within the framework of the retro meeting 2017, the organizers prepared 100 exhibition areas for retro-bicycles, as well as 100 free tickets for their owners for both days of the festival.

To each participant of the bicycle exhibition VELOPLANETA company provides a gift certificate for 10% discount for non-promotional products (bicycles, accessories, accessories, etc.) in all stores of the network.

The professional staff of the VELOPLANETA network will be in the exposition areas around the clock, making sure that your rarity equipment remains in integrity and safe.

To get acquainted with the already registered participants, and possibly take a decision about participation is possible in the catalog of our event.


Let’s see each other at VELORETRO!

Contact Information:
093 276 05 70 – Maria Kasatkina
067 570 47 56 – Dada Fara

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